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NEW 4000 Footers of Maine 11x14" Print | 3 Colors

Our original 4,000 Footers of Maine Poster includes all 14 peaks:

Mount Katahdin Baxter Peak & Hamlin Peak, North Brother, Spaulding Mountain, Mount Redington, Old Speck Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Saddleback Mountain, Saddleback the Horn, Crocker Mountain, South Crocker, Bigelow Mountain West Peak & Avery Peak, Mount Abraham.

Hang up on our new screenprint and dream of your next 4,000 footer to cross off your list!

We are working our way through the 4,000 footers and created this poster to share the adventure. Maybe one day we will be able to ski on Saddleback again. :)
Available in Timber (Dark Green), Moss, and Sunset

Available in 11x14" size


  • We operate out of a DIY manual printing studio meaning we pull each print by hand. Each of our prints is truly one of a kind.
  • Size: 11x14" (Standard Frame Sizes)
  • Paper: 100# French Paper
  • Handprinted, signed, and stamped in our studio in Maine.


We ship in a protected flat mailer.

Our prints do not come with frames.

All of our prints fit in standard size frames. We recommend framing your print because it will last longer and protect it from dings and marks. Prints will fade in direct sunlight over many years so we recommend hanging them in indirect sunlight. 

Eco-Friendly Print Shop

  • We print with eco-friendly water based ink. We practice sustainable screen printing processes meaning we do not use any toxic chemicals and we limit our waste.
  • We recycle our scraps of paper into our own tags and packaging.

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