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Mountains of Maine Poster | Timber

Our original Mountains of Maine Poster includes:

Mount Katahdin, Caribou Mountain, Tumbledown Mountain, Pleasant Mountain, Old Speck Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Bigelow Mountain, Mount Megunticook

Screenprinted on Timber Paper

Available in Poster size - 18x24" and 11x14" size


  • Eco-friendly ink
  • Size: 18 x 24"or 11x14" (Both Standard Frame Sizes)
  • Paper: 100# French Paper
  • Handprinted, signed, and stamped in our studio in Maine.

How do I get my print out of the tube?

When you receive your poster, please be careful taking it out of the tube. Try not to squeeze the poster too hard as it may result in bending it. Uncurl and lay the poster on a clean surface, and add some weights like heavy books to the top, bottom or all 4 corners. Wait about 12 - 24 hours. Your poster will flatten out and be ready to be framed!

How do I frame my print?

All of our prints fit in standard size frames. We recommend framing your print because it will last longer and protect it from dings and marks. Prints will fade in direct sunlight over many years so we recommend hanging them in indirect sunlight. 

Our prints do not come with frames but fit in standard frame sizes.